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We will discuss fees with you during your consultation so that you know exactly how much you will need to pay and when. If you would like to discuss the basis of our costs, or suitable dental insurance policies, please ask your dentist.

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General fees


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Prices will be based on the adult hourly rate fee scale.

The child’s behaviour in the chair will be taken into consideration as this may require extra time.

How fees are calculated

All fees are based on £240 per hour.

Missed appointments

Failed appointments will be charged at half the hourly rate (pro rata).

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Implant fees

Study models (fee will be discussed)

If your own dentist is restoring the implant:
Fee for the implant placement - from £1150
Uncovering appointment - £200

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Specialist root canal fees

Please note that most cases will require retreatment first.




All fees are a guide only and a personalised written estimate will be provided. Treatment options occasionally change during procedures. We will always endeavour to inform you as soon as possible of potential changes in treatment and associated costs.

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